What We Do

LifeShiftInc.™ is a Life Transition Counselling Firm assisting individuals’ to transition their lives.  We all at one point or another find ourselves ‘stuck’ or ‘blocked’ in certain areas of our life. LifeShiftInc.™ provides confidential counselling to allow you to identify the challenge or challenges in your life and break down the barriers so you can achieve joy and happiness, by achieving success, be it in a personal or professional domain. By going through our powerful proven process, you will identify areas of your life you are able to change and take the action-oriented steps required to achieve the outcomes you desire. We provide the expertise that allows you to come to a place of energy and fulfillment through creating your positive change.

LifeShiftInc.™ is Empowerment

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“The Secret of getting ahead is getting started.”
— Mark Twain

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